Tworzymy innowacyjne rozwiązania płatnicze

Wystarczy kilka kart płatniczych i lojalnościowych, by w portfelu zaczęło brakować miejsca. Tu z pomocą może przyjść Multikarta - gadżet, który zawiera w sobie dane ze wszystkich posiadanych kart.

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We create innovative payment solutions

Several payment and loyalty cards are enough to have no more space in your wallet. And there comes Multicard – a gadget which consists the data from all the possessed cards within.

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Green ID

SmartPay app works in the GreenID environment, which offers numerous innovative opportunities of developing user-device connections. We would like to offer a number of apps useful both in private life and in career. The basic application - the GreenID app - enables the user to sign into all of their GreenID apps in one login. It may also be used for account managing of the GreenID service, adding new GreenTeam applications and exterior applications.

We offer the following apps:



GreenFamily is an application enabling the most accurate localizing of your added devices (and their users). The application, upon launching, tries to define the position via GPS or GPRS and pass it to the GreenCloud. It is possible to add new devices of other users who are in the GreenID accounts system. Moreover, a configurable S.O.S. message (sms or e-mail) sending option to selected users is available in this application.



Application for drivers informing about the road threats and giving the opportunity of reporting new information or browsing previous reports. The reports confirmed by other drivers have a huge impact on the statistics and the number of the user’s stars. It has a sound alert personalization option for selected threat categories.



Application for intelligent house management – it allows remote and local control of AGD/RTV devices, alert systems, video monitoring, lighting, anti-theft security and other integrated house systems.



A telemedical application used for personal diagnosing in two versions – for patients and doctors. The main aim of the application if to gather medical data from the dedicated devices and collect them in the application and the GreenCloud. The research results history is passed to the along with sharing option for the doctor. The application enables finding loan and distribution points of the devices integrated with the GreenMed application. The version for doctors is equipped with additional patient cards management functionalities and visits schedule.



Application for message downloading from the RSS sources, newspapers and internet websites. Possibility of creating own groups and language sets. The application displays the homepage from the menu divided into several popular topics, f. in. : latest, news, business, entertainment, sport, technology, world. It connects with the Internet after launching in order to update the channels.



System for quick taxi ordering. Its asset is the accumulation of many corporations and private haulers within one application. It enables the user taxi ordering from the map’s level or from available haulers sorted in alphabetical order, the nearest, cheapest or from the list of favorite ones.



Application enabling internet store management along with the web application. It services the correspondence system inside the store, delivery address defining, returns and payment system including cards, Internet payment and traditional payment.



Advanced emergency system localizing people in danger and passes their position and/or a message to the proper emergency services. The application also enables selection of persons authorized to receive the information about the user’s reports.



  • Green Cargo Mobile is an application for cargo tracking
  • Green Fleet is an application of a track&type kind for vehicle location monitoring
  • Green Security is an application for monitoring objects places in warehouses.



GreenTrader is an application for the GreenEnergy platform users. It is used by the agents reporting potential projects for implementation and installers and other people participating in particular project conduction stages. It enables status monitoring of a reported project, and adding or checking of all the necessary information.



Application for car state management. It communicates with the combustion engine car via dedicated OBD2 device, and via CAN module in case of electric cars. It also collects data from ASR devices, sending them all to the GreenCloud server. It facilitates error report checking.



LucidPoint is an application which enables the user to find and book charging points for electric cars and find other automotive services. It enables the user to change the desired search radius.



LucidOffice is a package of mobile and web applications. The package is fully scalable and designed in accordance with the needs of large and small businesses. Thanks to the use of cloud data processing model, the system works without additional costs related to the maintenance of the system from the customer’s part. The LucidOffice package has been created with the use of the latest technologies and IT models, along with the highest security standards keeping.

Following applications are included in the LucidOffice system:

  • LucidCRM – clients relations and in-company communication management
  • LucidSale – sale support with the loyalty system and GreenID client identification system service
  • LucidMailer – mailing system
  • LucidAssisstance – post-sale support for the client and problem-solving platform

The aforementioned LucidCars and LucidPoint applications also cooperate with the package.


Nasze Technologie

Od lat jesteśmy czołowym producentem systemów mobilnych. Posiadamy w swoim portfolio wiele udanych i zrealizowanych projektów. Do każdego z nich podchodziliśmy indywidualnie, rozpatrując każdy aspekt z wyjątkową starannością. Zdobyliśmy w ten sposób doświadczenie, z którego możemy być dumni.

Our technologies

We are the leading producer of mobile systems for many years. We have many successful and conducted projects in our portfolio. Every single project is treated with an individual approach, every aspect being taken into consideration with utmost carefulness. We obtained vast experience in that way, of which we are really proud.

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